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For Sale: Pete Seeger Whyte Ladie Style Long Neck 5-String Banjo w/ Gigbag Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Custon Made Pete Seeger Style Whyte Ladie Long Neck 5-String Folk Banjo with Gig Bag and Professional Leather Banjo Strap! Price: $695. MSRP: $2250! This banjo is equal to and in some cases better than some Deering long neck banjos selling from $2,000! Traditional warm, clear tone for old-time playing styles. Five-Star pro components are the quality that banjo makers have come to expect for over 40 years. Whyte Laydie tone ring is a round steel hoop with scalloped brass ring, held in place by a thin spun-brass outer sleeve. Tone ring is fitted to the 3-ply maple rim. Old-time pot includes: · Stewart-MacDonald Five-Star Banjo Pot · Waverly Style Banjo Tailpiece - Nickel · Five-Star Banjo Rim Rod · Maple banjo rim, 3/4" thick · Whyte Laydie tone ring · 24-notch brass tension hoop · Bracket hooks · Hex nuts · Bracket shoes and bolts