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Susan Reid Bozsó


Susan első CD bemutatója. Ferenc Bozso megosztott egy bejegyzést. 13 órája · Come and spend an afternoon enjoying a Free House Concert with DEADGRASS, Dedicated to fans and friends of Deadgrass. Hosted by Susan Reid and Ferenc Bozso on Sunday October 7, 1:30–5:30pm, at... Továbbiak Deadgrass 13 órája · Happy Belated Birthday Jerry Garcia & Jerry Garcia Music Arts! Love, Deadgrass "Ripple" | Deadgrass | 8/22/18 | Relix Studio Sessions Deadgrass offer an acoustic take of the Dead classic "Ripple" live at Relix. Ferenc Bozso Szeptember 9., 21:44 · OPEN INVITATION TO FREE CONCERT DEDICATED TO FRIENDS AND FANS OF DEADGRASS HOSTED BY SUSAN REID AND FERENC BOZSO SUNDAY - OCTOBER 7, 2018 31 PICKETTS RIDGE ROAD, REDDING CT If you want to discover and experience elating feeling when a world-class band of musician friends plays at arm’s length from you, giving it devotedly all they have, you should attend the FREE concert dedicated to you by the five-member string band, DEADGRASS ~ ~ featuring multi-instrumentalist Matt Turk, Grammy award winner C Lanzbom, world class bassist Dave Richards, the astonishing banjo player Russell Gottlieb and virtuoso fiddler Michael Barrett Donovan. DEADGRASS is arguably the best interpreter of the music of Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead. Besides the originals of the members, in their broader endeavor DEADGRASS takes timeless, traditional-related music to astounding new levels with uniquely innovative interpretations. The outstanding richness of the elements of their musicality, combined with their technical brilliance has catapulted this group of seasoned musicians straight to the top, and they are well on their way to establishing themselves as a much-loved, world-class band on the music scene. The festivities with DEADGRASS also mark the release of the debut album ”BRIDGES TO HOME” by host SUSAN REID, who feels honored to open the concert for DEADGRASS by presenting songs from her new CD. *** RSVP required as parking space is limited ~ Please email: *** Important Details and Directions will be provided following RSVP ~ This is an outdoor, concert-in-the-park style event For more information, please visit: The concert is free; however the event will benefit two nonprofit centers for the arts in our area: The Merryall Center for the Arts in New Milford, CT; and Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford, CT. Voluntary donations to these organizations, and contributions on behalf of our guest musicians will be welcomed.



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