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David Bernz

For Sale: Vega Long-neck formerly owned by Pete Seeger (expired)






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My name is David Bernz and I produced CDs for Pete Seeger for a number of years. I currently run a small stringed instrument shop in Beacon, NY together with my son. Those of you who are familiar with The Weavers know that after Pete Seeger left the group in 1957, there were three other banjo players that worked with the group through 1964; Eric Darling, Frank Hamilton, and Bernie Krause. Bernie Krause recently consigned a Vega long-neck banjo that had been given to him by Pete Seeger in 1963. As far as we can tell after speaking with multiple knowledgable sources, this instrument may be the prototype that Vega gifted to Pete when they designed the Seeger model in the late 1950s. Please see our ad text below for more details:

We are now offering this unique Vega prototype "Pete Seeger" long-neck banjo, an instrument that was actually owned by Pete Seeger in the late 1950s and/or early 1960s and then played by Bernie Krause as he toured with The Weavers in 1963-64.
When young Bernie Krause joined The Weavers in 1963 to replace the out-going Frank Hamilton, he went to visit Pete Seeger up in Beacon, NY and Pete gave him this Vega long-neck that had been given to him by the Vega Company, likely the prototype made ​just as Vega was releasing the Seeger model in the late 1950s. Bernie changed the torn skin head to a plastic one and removed the armrest (and then lost it) and changed the tuners to guitar style tuners (unfortunately - but he likely wanted more precise tuning because he had mostly been a guitar player up to that point). Bernie then played this Banjo with The Weavers as they toured through 1963 and 1964 before breaking up. The Weavers would not play together again until their reunion with Pete Seeger in 1980. Shortly after 1964, Bernie Krause gave up music for other pursuits and the banjo was put in storage. It remains in near-perfect playing condition having not been significantly used for almost 50 years and comes with a leather banjo bag, a letter of authenticity signed by Bernie Krause and photographs of Bernie with The Weavers. Bernie has also signed the inside of the banjo head.

The banjo is all-original except as mentioned, Bernie changed out the tuners, removed the arm rest and changed the original head which had torn.
(Please call for details) 845-765-8548 or see


Price: $8,900.00 USD

Posted By: Dbernz

United States, 393 Main Street , Beacon, NY, 12508

Contact Info: Jakes Main Street Music, 393 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508 845-765-8548, or

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

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Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Vega

Ad Status: Expired, #54499

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